MFC Minting

Market Fight Club is 4 collections of exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTS) of 10k each collection. They are extremely special to our community, and eternally written on the Polygon Blockchain. You'll be able to purchase, trade, and construct your set here at MFC Mint and MFC Marketplace. These amazing NFT, come with various traits that make each very unique and collectible in essence. For instance MFC Hamster, or MFC Bear, as seen on many of them, in this incredible initial collection and will form part of our upcoming game release. The MFC Game will allow holders the ability to use their NFTs in strategic gameplay.

Our collections:

Bull Collection: The Bulls are a fun loving collection of 10k Bulls living on the Polygon Blockchain. Like their totem, they lift the enemy up on the horns. Come join the stampede! Total packs: 1k Mint price: from 0.03729 BTC

Bear Collection: After the Bulls came the Bears. The Bears are a fun loving collection of 10k Bears living on the Polygon Blockchain. Has there ever been a more iconic duo? Total packs: 1k Mint price: from 0.01755 BTC

Hamster Collection: In the battle of Bulls and Bears, Hamsters suffer the most. But our fun collection of 10,000 Hamsters living on the Polygon blockchain came to show their teeth and bite off a piece of the crypto market, and make a money machine for you on the endless energy of a hamster running on a wheel. Total packs: 1k Mint price: from 0.00438 BTC

Whale Collection: And behind all this confrontation, our unique collection of 10k Whales, living on the Polygon blockchain, is quietly watching on the sidelines. Whales who understand market trends have a great professional and expert background. Total packs: 1k Mint price: from 0.06582 BTC

By minting our NFTs, you get full access to the entire MFC ecosystem: It contains amazing possibilities and fabulous adventures which will bring riches and glory to its brave participants. Fierce battles in incredible augmented reality. Unique prizes and NFT-upgrades for your characters in MFC Gaming. And generous rewards for victories and achievements in MFC Arena. You can also sell NFT in our MFC Marketplace with sufficient profit for yourself. And that’s just the beginning.

Welcome to the MFC army!

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