MFC Marketplace

The MFC Marketplace is a marketplace that showcases all MFC NFT collections and future in-game collectibles. MFC Marketplace is based on the Polygon blockchain. The platform offers reliability and security and provides a constant influx of new users.

MFC Marketplace are a finance and investing area where you can earn a safe and reliable passive income. You can sell your minted NFTs and collectibles on the MFC Marketplace for a fixed price approved by the MFC team. The amount of rewards that you can receive from the sale will depend on various factors such as liquidity, the flow of new users and can be as high as 30%.Whether the NFT is created by you personally or purchased from our marketplace, the selling process is very simple and fast as we provide high liquidity for trading.

Please note that only one payment token is allowed per NFT on the MFC Marketplace. For example, if the MATIC token is specified as a payment for NFT, then other tokens - USDT or BNB - will not be available.

How to start

  • You need to create an account.

  • Mint NFT from any collection on our website.

  • List the NFT on our marketplace.

  • Get rewarded after selling on the MFC Marketplace.

Example: The user connects his wallet or registers an account using email. In the Mint section, he mints a pack of 10 NFTs in the Hamster collection. The user, having decided not to withdraw them to his wallet, placed them on the MFC Marketplace for sale at a fixed price and expects a sale as soon as possible. The user also has the right to access all MFC products: MFC Gaming and MFC Arena. He may not sell his minted NFTs on our marketplace, but withdraw them to any wallet that supports NFTs. (We recommend Metamask and Trustwallet.)

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